What is Flore?

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By embodying a drop of water on an arid planet, players bring life back. Meanwhile, it also awakens a dark matter that will try to prevent them from doing so.

Expect to see epic levels and bosses that will make you throw your controller through the window!

Who are we?

The Sachet D’Graines team was born from the encounter between Matyas and Alexis during a university degree of Level and Game Design in Lyon, France. The idea of Flore emerged during their participation of One Game a Month.

They liked the concept and decided to go ahead with it. During five years they trained, Alexis in programming and Matyas in graphic design, to realize a prototype that they were able to test in conventions... with very positive feedback!

Flore is...

Universal - A game without text, accessible to all kinds of players, casuals such as veterans, with a simple gameplay and levels easy to unlock.

Confusing - A new way to apprehend the space with a game taking place on spherical planets.

Challenging - The challenge to finish the levels to 100% and unlock bonus levels.

Aesthetics - A varied, colorful world which will evolve while players bring back life.

Musical - A rich sound experience with a semi-procedural music that evolves at the same rhythm as life.

Trendy - An ecological game, which is meant to be optimistic. The goal is to bring life back on arid planets while avoiding getting caught by the dark matter that makes them poisons.


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